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Birdchain, your Reward AppTrade your unused SMS, Watch and engage in-App content, Get universal and easy to cash-out cryptocurrencyDownload the App now and earn on your phone!
Wave 1 launched! SMS feature now available in: Indonesia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Netherlands and United Kingdom.Wave 2 launched! SMS feature now available additionally in: Philippines, Italy, Malaysia, France & Germany. Stay tuned for wave 3.
What is Birdchain?Birdchain is an incentivised App built for sharing economy era. It revolves around 2 key features: a unique, world first, decentralised A2P SMS service. an easy-to-use, high engagement, marketing & content platform. These features are designed to serve all brand sizes - from the lone wolf looking for the very first follower - to the moon-landing. You can advertise and create awareness about anything (legal!).If you waste your time and attention on useless ads everywhere, everyday. If you waste most (or all) the free, unused, SMS of your phone plan every month. If you just share the same enthusiasm for the paradigm-changers Sharing economy and Cryptocurrency. Or if you simply want to earn on your phone easily. Birdchain is definitely for you. Earn in a simple, fun way.All earnings are in universal and easy to cash-out cryptocurrency. We know that owning your own Crypto is the best way to learn about it.
EarnEarn simply to watch ads and engage content matching your interests.
SMSActivate Birdchain’s SMS feature and Earn from your unused SMS.
In-App WalletKeep track of, hold, deposit and withdraw your BIRD tokens.
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Download the app nowand earn on your phone!
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Token: BIRD - Decimals: 18 - Token Contract Address: 0x026e62dded1a6ad07d93d39f96b9eabd59665e0d