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Birdchain, your Reward AppWatch and engage in-App content, Get universal and easy to cash-out cryptocurrencyDownload the App now and earn on your phone!
What is Birdchain?Birdchain is an incentivised App built for the sharing economy era. It revolves around an easy-to-use, high engagement, marketing & content platform. This features is designed to serve all brand sizes - from the lone wolf looking for the very first follower - to the moon-landing. You can advertise and create awareness about anything (legal!).If you waste your time and attention on useless ads everywhere, everyday. If you just share the same enthusiasm for the paradigm-changers Sharing economy and Cryptocurrency. Or if you simply want to earn on your phone easily. Birdchain is definitely for you. Earn in a simple, fun way. All earnings are in universal and easy to cash-out cryptocurrency. We know that owning your own Crypto is the best way to learn about it.
EarnEarn simply to watch ads and engage content matching your interests.
In-App WalletKeep track of, hold, deposit and withdraw your BIRD tokens.
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Download the app nowand earn on your phone!
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BirdChain bep-20 details: BIRD - Decimals: 18 - #Contract Address: 0xc9c7c6a590e82c576de7553142d47a5fb63f9e90 - #Explorer address

BirdChain erc-20 details: BIRD - Decimals: 18 - #Contract Address: 0x026e62dded1a6ad07d93d39f96b9eabd59665e0d - #Explorer address