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What is Birdchain?Birdchain rewards you for your attention and engagement in a simple, fun way.But more than an incentivised content and marketing platform, we are firm believers in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and shared economy. We are bringing it all to the world and aiming for mass adoption.Owning your own Crypto is the best way learn about it.Birdchain is all-in-one app where you are rewarded for interacting with content, discover and learn about the technology, and hold or exchange your earned BIRD.
Token: BIRD - Decimals: 18 - Token Contract Address: 0x026e62dded1a6ad07d93d39f96b9eabd59665e0d
EarnBe rewarded to watch and engage content matching your interests.
LearnUse our Cryptopedia to learn about cryptocurriencies and Blockchain.
In-App WalletKeep track of, hold, deposit and withdraw your BIRD tokens.
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